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Green Dryclean

Better for Your Clothes

Our CO2 Dry Cleaning technology gets clothes cleaner than any other dry cleaning method. With CO2 there's no fading, shrinking, pilling or stain setting. Since we have eliminated the use of harsh chemicals, there's never a "dry cleaning" smell or residue left on your clothes.  The garments you send us are returned to you looking and smelling fresh and clean.

How Does CO2 Cleaning Work?

CO2 Dry Cleaning uses natural liquid carbon dioxide—the same substance that makes soda "bubbly". This truly organic process has become known as the “green revolution” in dry cleaning.  Using a combination of traditional CO2 and next generation CO2 state-of-the-art Solvair technology, CO2 is pressurised and converted from a gas to a liquid.  This liquid CO2 is capable of penetrating fabrics and flushing out dirt particles, leaving garments residue-free. The pressure in the machine is then reduced until the liquid CO2 evaporates.  Clothes dry completely and instantly and are odor-free.  As an added benefit, the entire cleaning process is done at a cool, room temperature.  The heat from other cleaning methods can actually cause stains to set permanently and result in fading and shrinking of fabrics.  CO2 Cleaning not only eliminates toxic waste but it prolongs the life of your garments and saves energy.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Many leading publications have reported on the benefits of CO2 Dry Cleaning.


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